Have you identified with our purpose and want to use our teaching materials, whether as a teacher / educator / instructor or volunteer, in your locality?

Then get to know the free IFA app, which explains the step by step of our workshops for you to use whenever you want!

Free app for volunteers, teachers, educators and instructors

With our free app, you will get to know everything about our methodology. When you register and login for the first time, there is a step-by-step online training (less than 30 minutes!) for you to get to know and learn how to apply our workshops. By completing the training, you become an IFA Ambassador (with digital certificate issued and available in the app) for believing and sharing our cause!

The app brings several playful entrepreneurship workshops, explanation of how to apply them in person with children and teenagers, the necessary inputs (recyclable material) and helps you step by step in an objective and intuitive way. You can even assign powers and missions to participants directly in the app, facilitating the scalability of the initiative, taking our methodology everywhere.

Children and teenagers can and should also use the IFA app to learn more about their entrepreneurial powers, their missions and their ranking by participating in the various entrepreneurship challenges available.

Special gift to participants
(Thumbnails of the entrepreneurial powers of the IFA printed in 3D)

IMPORTANT: All instructors who use the IFA app and complete single or Campaign Mode workshops until the end, assigning powers and missions (exclusive to Campaign Mode) to participants can and should contact us (contato@fazendoacontecer.org.br) requesting free of charge the miniatures of the entrepreneurial powers assigned to the participants. We will send by post, at the address registered in the app by the instructor, a thumbnail for each participant! It is our return for the effort and participation of everyone in the dissemination of our content.

Didactic Material for Elementary and High School Institutions

Teachers and educators can use books with our methodology as teaching material in their classes for Elementary and High School. Our methodology is in line with the Common National Curriculum Base – BNCC.

Access the link and receive a sample of the material indicated for Elementary and High School.

Discover Campaign Mode Missions carried out by the participants.

Some examples from our workshops: