Instituto Fazendo Acontecer is a non-profit organization that began to take shape in 2009, based on the experience gained by the team of prof. Dr. José Dornelas – one of the leading Brazilian specialists in entrepreneurship – while teaching entrepreneurship to young people from underprivileged communities in the north of Brazil.

After the positive results of this initial challenge, the idea of creating an entrepreneurship program focused on middle and high schools began to emerge.

Thus, the elective course “Fazendo Acontecer” emerged, which was then applied in dozens of middle and high schools linked to the Education Department of the State of São Paulo in Brazil.

Starting in 2016, with the creation of Instituto Fazendo Acontecer, the focus broadened from being exclusively centered on the design and delivery of regular courses, to new formats, which are even more playful and dynamic, through various workshops aimed at providing a practical experience of behaviors that stimulate entrepreneurship in children and teenagers.

Teaches us that we don’t need that much to make our dreams come true. Even if they seem clearly impossible, we can achieve them, even if it takes a long time…

Pedro Carvalho, 14 years old