An activity that has been pioneered by the IFA is the social incubator.

The goal is to support and create development conditions for startups that work with a focus on a social problem.

The first project incubated by IFA is Sunas, which helps people who need support for their emotional problems.

IFA assists the startup with physical space, technological support, coaching and mentoring to entrepreneurs, as well as economic and, eventually, financial resources, which can be obtained through our extensive network of contacts and partners.

If you have an embryonic project focused on solving a social problem, send us an email to and tell your story and we will evaluate the possibility of supporting you.

Teaches us that we don’t need that much to make our dreams come true. Even if they seem clearly impossible, we can achieve them, even if it takes a long time…

 Pedro Carvalho, 18 years old



Sunas is a community, social network and safe emotional support platform where you can be yourself and share feelings, pains and achievements anonymously. We know how difficult it is to deal with a problem alone and that is why we connect people who face the same dilemmas. We believe that a problem becomes infinitely less when shared. Let go of everything that keeps you from sharing how you really feel.

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