Have you identified with our purpose and want to use our teaching materials, either as a teacher or volunteer, in your community? Then, follow these steps carefully and start making it happen!

For teachers and educators of public and private elementary, middle, high, and vocational schools:

1) Request information about our textbook Fazendo Acontecer Poderes Empreendedores. For this, you need to send us an e-mail message to contato@fazendoacontecer.org.br, telling us about yourself, your institution and why you want to use our material.

2) Wait for our reply as we evaluate the adoption of the teaching material especially adapted to your school.

For people or organizations interested in volunteering for or partnering with the IFA for the dissemination of our teaching materials in schools and institutions in your region:

1) The IFA has created the IFA Ambassador Program, which aims to make it possible to adopt its teaching material for free in public schools or institutions working with children and teenagers. The IFA Ambassador will receive training, teaching materials and support to develop strategies that will make the program financially viable in public schools.

2) In order to become an IFA Ambassador, the interested volunteer should send an e-mail to contato@fazendoacontecer.org.br with your complete information (name, address, whatsapp contact) and the complete information about the school you want to adopt (name, address and number of students in elementary and secondary levels), as well as answering the question: “Why do I want to be an IFA Ambassador?” Please be sure to get information about the school in advance. A statement from the school indicating that they are interested in being sponsored by you will make a big difference!

3) We will analyze all requests on a case-by-case basis and we will reply by e-mail with information about the next steps in the process.

Some examples of our workshops:


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